About us

Athra NJ Inc. is a design importer and distributor of high fashion sterling silver jewelry specializing in cubic zirconia, bridal accessories, fashion jewelry, and fine sterling silver jewelry.

Since our establishment in the 1980s, Athra is proud to maintain a reputation as a family-owned silver fashion house that designs new collections and sets new trends for every style preference.

Customers view us as a fashion source for silver. Our quick response to current trends and diversity in our product line helps us maintain a strong foothold in the marketplace. With in-house designers and constantly traveling buyers, we are versatile enough to react to any change in trend direction as opposed to a company that is heavily invested in inventory. This enables us to guide customers toward new trends and best-selling categories. Athra imports from a wide variety of sources from a wide range of countries, including Mexico, Italy, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, and Poland, as well as carrying domestic goods from the United States. Our "far-reaching" selection of merchandise allows us to satisfy the needs of a wide array of customers ranging from elite boutiques to your local 'mom and pop' stores.